3 Hearty Pizza Combos That Are Perfect For Sharing

This time of year is all about people, food and fun. And that’s why it’s really not acceptable to order a pizza all on its lonesome. Not only are pizza combos perfect for sharing with friends/lovers/family/someone at work you wronged at the Christmas bash but they also deliver that extra blissful comfort food kick. Here are 3 hearty pizza combos guaranteed to put a smile on your face this season.


The date night combo – pizza + wedges + chocolate brownies

brownie side

Flexibility and compromise are key to relationships so there’s no point just picking your favourite pizza and putting your foot down. The date night combo gives you the opportunity to offer variety, to indulge and to impress. As well as the mouthwatering deliciousness of the pizza options you go for there’s the sides too:


Potato Wedges – oven-baked crispy delicious and (mostly importantly) dippable, potato wedges taste good and can lead to lots of fun feeding each other too.

Double Chocolate Brownies –There’s nothing like a delicious square of fudgy chocolate brownie to finish and meal and make someone feel like they’re been totally treated.


The hearty comfort food combo – Pizza + Garlic Knots + Bacon Cheese Sticks

It’s deepest, darkest December, it’s cold, everyone is ill – if there was a better time for enjoying some serious comfort food we don’t know when that is. A comfort food combo is ideal for this time of year, from soaking up hangovers, to enjoying cosy movie nights with friends. In addition to your pizza don’t forget those awesome sides:


Garlic knots – did you know that garlic can help to boost your immune system? Add it to 100% fresh dough and cheese sauce and it will lift your mood too.

Bacon cheese sticks – there are few better combinations than bacon and cheese when it comes to pure, unadulterated comfort food. Ok, perhaps there is – bacon, cheese and fresh dough served with ultra-delicious dipping sauce.


The family combo – pizza + chicken wings + cookies


Food plays a big role in family life and many a memory has been made over a pizza. A family combo does more than just feed hungry little mouths, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to get everyone around the table with the motivation of food that will send young taste buds wild.


Chicken wings – the great joy of chicken wings is that they’re finger food so if you’ve got a difficult eater or someone who just wants to snack they can still join in the food festivities. Plus, they’re delicious, whether Buffalo, BBQ or spicy hot.

Giant Choc Chip Cookie – if your family dinners can be a chaotic affair then the motivation of a warm cookie with extra chocolate chips for dessert will keep everyone in line (and at the table).

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