4 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day with Pizza

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It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 11th March and if you have yet to get something for mum you don’t have long to do it. Of course, the difficulty for any offspring is that Mother’s Day happens annually and your mum is probably thoroughly sick of the same old tired flowers and service station chocolates you buy year in year out. So, instead of being a rather disappointing son or daughter this 11th March do something memorable and opt for a Mother’s Day pizza instead. There’s more than one way to celebrate with a slice…

The vegan surprise

vegan ingredients

Veganism is on the rise and if your mum has just switched to this way of living why not make her a vegan pizza to celebrate. There’s nothing our loved ones like more than a demonstration of support for life choices – as well as putting a bit of effort into a gift. Just order a pizza without cheese and with all the veggie toppings as the perfect vegan-friendly treat for your mum.

Mum’s Day Off From Cooking

If you want to treat your mum to something delicious this Mother’s Day then order her a delicious pizza from Papa John’s. No cooking required, and no question of any washing up afterwards as well. Simply eat with your hands and then bin the boxes when you’re done.

Throw an awesome party

two pizzas

If your mum is a bit of a social animal then give her a Mother’s Day she’ll love with a party that shows how much you care. Pizza parties are perfect when you want to be the host with the most. Order a selection of pizzas and your guests will leave thoroughly satisfied without any chatting time lost to chopping onions or washing dishes.

Pizza and a movie

Do you know how often mums get to sit down, put their feet up, watch their favourite film and enjoy a tasty treat? Whether your family is full of big kids or small, the answer to that is highly likely to be “very rarely.” Pizza and a movie is a great alternative to a Mother’s Day brunch (which, frankly, often feels like the cheapskate choice). If you want to make it a tangible gift then make your own  voucher for a pizza and movie night and hand it over with the card. And then prepare to be Favourite Child Number 1 for the next 12 months…

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