Why Chicken Wings Make The Perfect Side Dish

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Regardless of why you’re ordering a pizza – either alone or with your friends and family – what’s the ideal side to order with it? If you’re smart then you already know the answer to this but just in case you haven’t cottoned on yet it’s chicken wings. This is the story of the ideal pairing – it’s Daenerys and Jon Snow, Kim and Kanye, sunshine and ice cream, cheese and pickle – i.e. iconic levels of perfection. You can’t beat it and once you know about it then nothing else will ever compare.

Why chicken wings are the perfect side dish

Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings by Papa John's

Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings | Papa John’s

They’re finger food. Side dishes shouldn’t be complicated, not to eat or to enjoy. Chicken wings are simple – pick one up, take a bite. You don’t have to prepare anything, eat the wings at a certain time or with other food and you’ll probably find that they go with almost anything.

They’re so very diappable. Side dishes that are dippable are just so much more fun. Whether you’re perfecting your dipping flare alone or having fun around a table with others, side dishes that you can dip are everything.

They’re a great introduction to the main event. When you order a pizza you want a side that compliments it, perhaps that introduces it if you’re the kind of person who scoffs your sides first. What you don’t want is a side dish that overwhelms the pizza or fills you up too soon. Chicken wings – be they Buffalo, BBQ or spicy hot –  are delicious on their own and help to build anticipation for what comes next.

They’re never going to let you down. Imagine ordering a pizza and side dish, enjoying a delicious slice of pizza and then sampling the side and…oh it’s so boring. Dull sides can bring an entire meal down and have been known to cause arguments around the table. Keep your household peaceful with high quality side dishes that are worthy of the pizza itself and go chicken.

They’re a classic. We’ve been enjoying pizza with a side of chicken wings since time began (well, almost) and this is one of those combinations that has become classic for a reason. Not only do they make great comfort food, but from the Super Bowl, to Saturday night on the town, the combination of pizza and Buffalo chicken wings works in so many situations and for every occasion.

They’re delicious. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face, chicken wings + pizza = winning, every time.

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