What Comfort Food Should I Order?

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Comfort food; it never goes out of fashion. If there’s one thing that we’ll always need after a bad break up, a horrible day at work or an illness it’s the cosy hit of a slice of pizza, bowl of pasta, chips, ice cream or your favourite cake. For most of us, comfort food is rich, tasty and a great distraction from #life. But why do we crave it and how on earth do you choose?

What is comfort food?

You might think that ‘comfort food’ is something very personal but in fact it’s a truth universally acknowledged that we all need it from time to time. The Oxford English Dictionary even added it to its list of definitions back in 1997. There aren’t many people for whom comfort food means salad, veg or tofu – for most of us it’s high energy, exceptionally tasty treats, perhaps those that we associate with childhood or good times. Comfort food brings relief for many reasons, from delivering a sense of belonging, to boosting mood and making us feel like everything is ok with this big crazy world – at least until you put the fork down.

How to choose your comfort foods

Maybe you already know exactly where to turn if you have a bad day – if you don’t then there are plenty of potential options to investigate (and have a tasty time doing it).

Home comforts. Food that you remember from childhood that brings back positive memories and makes you feel good. Your mum’s fried chicken wings, chocolate brownies, cheese on toast and tomato soup are all contenders.

Papa John's Chocolate Brownies

Papa John’s Chocolate Brownies

Satisfying tastes. Delicious mouthfuls of garlicky butter and soft dough, oozy chocolate, salty fries or juicy burgers. All the tastes that you love to eat and which are so spectacular that you’ll forget about anything else that’s going on while you’re finishing those mouthfuls.

Papa John's Garlic Knots

Papa John’s Garlic Knots

Anything you can dip. There’s something incredibly indulgent about food you can dip. Whether it’s chicken or potato wedges, you get the treat itself as well as the delicious addition of something spicy, cooling or creamy. Plus, dipping comfort foods are ideal for sharing with friends, family and anyone else who needs a little food love in their lives.

Papa John's Potato Wedges Make An Excellent Comfort Food Choice

Papa John’s Potato Wedges

Pizza. There isn’t a single occasion when a slice of your favourite pizza won’t make you feel better about life; regardless of the type of pizza crust you choose or if you like strange toppings – Guaranteed!

Papa John's Deep Crust Pizzas Make Perfect Comfort Food

Papa John’s Deep Crust Pizza – The Perfect Comfort Food!

If you’re still not sure – or struggling to choose – then take our comfort food quiz and find out what you need right now to lift your spirits.