7 Different Ways To Eat Pizza

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Pizza is undeniably one of the best foods out there! You can eat it any time of the day; it’s the one food that everybody in the world loves. Pizza is freaking amazing! But what makes pizza so amazing? The many ways you can eat it. At Papa John’s, we’ve discovered 7 ways to eat pizza & what they say about you…

Fork n Knife Life

Ah, a classic eating method right here! While it may not be instinctive, it’s a completely ok way to eat pizza. If you’re looking to avoid messy hands or don’t have a pre-cut pizza, the good ol’ knife and fork is the way to go.

Knife & Fork pizza eaters are usually traditional, refined & a little bit on the boujie side. They don’t like to get their hands dirty or jump into things.

Upside Down

Oh yeah, you can eat pizza upside down. Don’t jump to conclusions & let us explain! Instead of that yummy Papa John’s doughy base hitting your tongue first, your tongue is welcomed by delicious cheesy goodness. Now, do you get it? You’re basically christening your taste buds! FYI, trying this with The Garden Party might flop (due to the range of toppings), The Cheese & Tomato is perfect for this.

Upside Down pizza eaters are unconventional, kinda quirky and super adventurous. People may not get them at first, but once they do, they pretty much love them. Just like this way to eat pizza.

Stack It Up

This way to eat pizza became super popular by Johnny Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, where he quite literally eats a stack of pizza! One pizza on top of another & go to town. Now, you can either stick with one pizza e.g. stack up The Hawaiian. Or you can be adventurous and stack up different flavours – a stack of The Chicken Club & Double Pepperoni would literally send you to Papa John’s Pizza Heaven.

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Pizza Stackers are really daring, good multitaskers & can handle more than you think, Stackers are ready to take on any challenge life throws.

Backwards Eater

Why eat pizza from the tip to the crust when you can eat it from the crust to the tip? Crust first, cheese later. This way of eating pizza is the best way to ‘save the best till last’ the best being whichever scrumptious cheesy topping of goodness you’ve picked. Papa John’s All The Meats Pizza is perfect for this!

Backward pizza eaters usually do things in their own unique way & are usually more creative in their thinking.

The Topping Remover

Wait! Pause the outrage, the topping remover method isn’t as bad as it sounds. This way to eat pizza involves stripping your beautiful slice of pizza of all its tasty toppings & saving them till last. See, not as bad as you thought right? The Papa John’s Works Pizza is particularly amazing for this. All that heavenly meat goodness saved till last. Yum!

Topping Removers typically live in the moment & are willing to put in the work for their own happiness.

The Folder

Folding your pizza is a method that more do than you might think. This way of eating pizza is typically done when the slice is just a tad too big. Because the pizza is folded in half, you’ll get through it super-fast while enjoying every bite. The Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza is the one to try this method out with.

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Pizza Folders are usually busy people, who love to do things in the quickest way possible. Efficiency is their favorite word.

Hands It Is

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to consume the brilliance that is pizza! Just you, the pizza & your hands. No faffing around, no waiting, just eating the pizza out the box. It may get messy, but you don’t mind! Pizza in your mouth is all you want.

Hand eaters don’t bother with fuss & faff; they have a goal & intend to reach it in the simplest way.

Season 6 Pizza GIF by Friends

Whether you choose to stack your pizzas up or eat your pizza with a knife & fork, at Papa John’s we do not judge. Pizza is still pizza, no matter which way you chose to eat it.

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