Get Stuffing Your Pizza Crust This Festive Season

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Are you already a little bit sick of Christmas food? Or maybe you’re just not a fan of turkey with all the trimmings. Before the time comes to stuff that turkey we’d suggest stuffing your pizza crust! A Stuffed Crust pizza is a thing of beauty (along with any of our pizza crusts for that matter!), indulgent and 100% delicious, from crust edge to slice tip. These are just some of the reasons why the turkey isn’t the only thing you should be stuffing in the festive season.


It’s a game changer if you’re a crusts hater


If you’re that person who is always pushing your pizza crusts aside then a moreish Stuffed Crust is going to be a game changer for you. Why? Well because these crusts are filled with almost as much deliciousness as the pizza itself. Seriously, you literally won’t want to waste a single mouthful.

You can reduce the amount of food waste from a meal


No, don’t laugh, there’s an environmental benefit to getting heavily into crust stuffing. Every inch of the pizza gets chowed down when you’ve got a stuffed crust so you’ll have no guilt when it comes to throwing ends out – because there won’t be any. Plus, you won’t end up with a really fat pet dog because none of the crusts will be going their way.


You’re getting exceptional value for money


There’s nothing better for value seekers than food that you can eat all of. The only way we could make this even more appealing is if we also gave you an edible box too (hmmm).


Cheese lovers rejoice!

stuffed crust pizza

Stuffed crusts are filled with cheese. Do we take this from the top of the pizza? No. Do we reduce your cheesy topping to account for what goes in the crust? Nope. Do you get a whole extra portion of warm cheesy goodness when you order a stuffed crust pizza? Hell yes!


Pimp your pizza


You might be a fan of a simple margarita but just think how much better that would be ringed with a super cheesy Stuffed Crust. Plus, when you’ve got a stuffed crust pizza you can literally shut your eyes and dive in – it doesn’t matter which part of the slice you eat first because all of it is equally cheesy and equally good.


The joy of comfort food


A Stuffed Crust pizza is pure comfort food – every inch of it. And whether you’re still suffering after the office Christmas party or not enjoying the dark days and cold nights that little extra layer of joy is exactly what you need. Go on, you deserve it.

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