A summer of festival tips!

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A huge summer of music festivals is just kicking into action, and after a year of missing out, let Papa John’s break down for you what you need to bring to ensure you have the #BestSummerEver. It is going to be the Summer of Fun.

Let’s do it!

How to stay clean at a festival…?

Yeah, sometimes it’s impossible to *stay* clean…

But it’s absolutely essential to *get* clean at least once a day. Or…as clean as possible!

There are obvious reasons why you’d want to be clean at a festival, but the main reason is so you can avoid (postpone?) getting ill so you can stay the course! For this reason we recommend:

  • A far bigger bottle of hand sanitiser than you think you need. You’re gonna need your hands clean to eat pizza!
  • At least one packet of baby wipes for every day you’re at the event!
  • Dry shampoo. It works. Trust us.
  • DEODORANT. For you. And for the rest of us.
  • Feminine products. Don’t forget them!
  • Tooth brush, gum, toothpaste, mouth wash…anything to stop your breathe smelling, no-one needs that.
  • A roll of bin bags – these have 101 uses including keeping your sanitary products…sanitary.

How to stay safe at a festival

Being clean is important, but being safe is absolutely paramount. These essentials won’t replace responsible, trusted friends, but they will help ensure you get through your festival without any mishaps!

  • Headlamp (ideally – to keep your hands free) or a reliable torch.
  • Spare batteries for said torch!
  • A reliable phone and means of keeping it charged – don’t expect a kind bartender to plug yours in!
  • Emergency cash – Keep this somewhere no one would likely find it but not somewhere you’re likely to be tempted to spend it on cider!
  • Sunscreen! It will probably rain – but if it doesn’t…
  • Water. I mean, you know that right. You planned on bringing gallons of it, right? … Right? Good.
  • Sunglasses. Look cool and protect your eyes. Win.
  • Medicines – if you take them at home, take them at the festival, OK?
  • Be organised. A buddy/rota system is a great way to ensure if you’re lost it’s only temporary. Go with people you know and trust and you’ll have a great time.

How to have fun at a festival!

Nail our advice above and we think fun is pretty much a guarantee, but just to make sure, we have some final recommendations:

  • Choose the ideal festival for you (more on that later)
  • Choose the right mates!
  • Prepare yourself for all possible weather outcomes!
  • Go all-out with the festival attire!
  • Embrace it!
  • Sing…and dance, and dance, and dance

So know that you have enjoyed the festival, headed home and probably got the festival blues, let Papa John’s restore some of that excitement with one of our amazing offers to get your through the day. What’s your go to post-festival pizza for this years Summer of Fun?