Let your Soul Sing with Fresh Soul

Welcome to a new age of soul flavours. Packed full of flavour that makes your soul sing, Papa John’s new Fresh Soul range is here to serve up the good times for one and all. Let us bring a taste of America to pizza lovers across the globe with a range of quality pulled meat flavours. Papa John’s Fresh Soul range will get your soul singing. Cue the music.

Now is time to serenade your stomach and grab a slice of the new Fresh Soul Range. Filled with rich meat flavours that’ll make your soul sing, it’s here for the good times and good vibes.

Spicy BBQ Pulled Beef

BBQ Pulled Beef

Whoa there, cowboy! Here’s a pizza you can take your hat off to. This Southwestern Pulled Beef pizza will make your taste buds croon sing.

Tangy & smokey Southwestern BBQ sauce drizzled over tender pulled beef, with a creamy, stretchy cheese punctuated by fresh, diced tomatoes, onions, crunchy sweetcorn and spicy jalapenos served on a garlic sauce base.

Smokin’ BBQ Pulled Beef + Chorizo

Spicy BBQ Beef

Welcome to the Wheat State where they know a thing or two about the great outdoors. So, gather around y’all because as good Kansans know – there’s no place like home with your loved ones​.

Smoky, flavour-packed pulled beef generously layered on BBQ Sauce complimented by chorizo, sweetcorn and onions.

BBQ Pulled Beef Loaded Tots

Beef Loaded Tots

Twisting up a Papa John’s classic and bringing a touch of the new age to our Potato Tots. Packed full of flavour, our Potato Tots are topped with pulled beef, mozzarella, sweetcorn, jalapeños and a smoky BBQ sauce.

The House of Papa

To celebrate the launch of Fresh Soul, Papa John’s is using the universal power of music to share good times and good vibes.

House of Papa

Hosting the world’s first TikTok house pizza party with the reunited Byte Squad HQ and friends! As well as showcasing fresh new international music talent from the NME 100 and introducing Papa John’s new campaign artist BaggE.

Catch a slice of the live action on TikTok from London’s coolest new venue, Spirtland or relive the party on the NME.com with great music and great pulled meats pizzas.

Let souls sing worldwide.

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