Life Before & After Pay Day

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Payday is one of the most liberating days you can experience as a working human being. The overwhelming feeling is freedom. You are finally liberated! You can go out for that meal, you can buy that scarf, you can book that flight to Eastern Europe!

Chances are you refresh your bank balance like…

Refresh your bank balance

At Papa John’s we know how sweet that feeling is. However, we also know that life before & after payday can be…difficult. Extremely difficult…

why is life so difficult

The False Promise

Before payday, you tell yourself the biggest lie possible: “I will be a financially responsible, sensible adult & spend reasonably.” Lies. It’s all lies.

On payday, precisely 0.2 seconds after the money hits your account, that little false (but well-intentioned) promise goes out the window. Next thing you know you’re spending money here, there & everywhere for no reason other than the fact it’s payday!

the false promise

The Going Out Prophecy

Before Pay, a good night out on a budget feels almost impossible. Because of this, nights out are few & far between; all in the good name of saving money.

After payday, not only does going out become a frequent occurrence, you also insist on being the official drinks supplier for your group. You’re buying drinks left, right & centre. Everyone gets a drink! You end up like Oprah except with approximately 0.0038% of her wealth…

showing off

Why? Because of payday.

Money vs Food

Before payday, pockets are tighter than usual. You will find any & every way to save money. Food is one of the things you decide to budget on. You cook meals every night, take lunch with you to work & even delete every food app on your phone to kill the temptation.

money vs food

After payday, it’s Papa John’s pizza takeaway every night baby! We don’t blame you; our pizzas are tasty. Why not order from us every night! One night it’s The BBQ Meat Feast Pizza because you’re craving something meaty & delicious, the next night you order The Hawaiian Pizza for something different & another night you order The Bee Sting Pizza to ease those spice cravings.

making the wrong choice

We. Don’t. Blame. You.

Do You Really Need That?

Before payday, you’re in penny-saving mode. Nothing can turn your head. No, not even those nice shoes you want. Your head stays strong & you go about your days not spending frivolously.

After payday, is a completely different story, all morals go out the window and “treat yo’ self” becomes the words to live by. Suddenly, everything you come across with a price tag becomes irresistible & you justify to yourself why you need it.

treat yourself

Because we know life before & after payday can be different. At Papa John’s we have a range of amazing deals & offers that work for life before payday & life after. Check here with your local store to see what offers are available for you!