What Makes Our Pizza Dough So Special?

Dough is the unsung hero of any pizza. If you don’t have a good base then even the finest ingredients and the most delicious combinations will go to waste. Great dough makes a superior taste experience – and that’s why we put so much care and effort into the dough that we serve.

Fresh is best

Dough ingredients

There is no substitute for fresh dough, so we make all our pizzas from fresh dough – every time. We’ve improved the recipe over the years but we’re still committed to the same, high quality ingredients and fresh preparation so that it’s light, crispy and delicious; regardless of the type of pizza you love!

Keeping it pure

We don’t believe that chemicals and fillers belong in the dough that we serve to our customers. So, you won’t find any artificial colourings or preservatives in any of the dough or different pizza crusts we create, only ingredients you would find in your kitchen cupboard at home. The flour we used is unbleached and protein enriched, the water is filtered. There are only five other ingredients in the Papa John’s base – sugar, soybean oil, salt, yeast and extra virgin olive oil – a combination that provides the perfect taste sensation for every Papa John’s base.

Quality control

Our dough is created and mixed at our dedicated dough manufacturing facility to ensure that every pizza has the same great consistency and taste. Once made, we speed our dough direct to our restaurants around the UK ready to be topped with some of the tastiest combos known to man and woman. It is always delivered fresh and never frozen – that’s why you can always depend on Papa John’s to deliver great pizza.

Generous portions

Dough stretch

Ok, so our pizzas don’t quite compete with the “Ottavia,” made by Italian pizza chain founder Dovilio Nardi (the world’s largest pizza at 131 feet in diameter) but we think our pizzas are perfectly proportioned for an ideal balance of texture, taste and satisfaction. We do this through preparation of the dough and stretching it just right; meaning you get pizzas which have perfect proportions all round.

A passion for pizza

Papa John’s started out seriously small (think broom cupboard small) but the passion for creating the perfect pizza has always been there. As we’ve grown, we’ve nurtured the qualities that made us so popular all those years ago – and the great Papa John’s dough, its ingredients and careful prep, remains one of our most important and proudest achievements. Next time you’re craving a pizza made from the best dough in the business, try it for yourself.

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