Marmite & Cheese Sticks

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Cheese Sticks get a new flavour with a family favourite!

Just in time for the Jubilee celebrations, what better time for us to join forces with one of Britain’s most loved flavours – Marmite!  The love it or hate it flavour has already been part of our family but we have now added it to our famous Cheese Sticks for a limited time period only.

Our Cheese Sticks come in four varieties:

  1. The original Garlic Pizza Sticks – the ones that always have your back
  2. Then we added cheese to create Garlic Cheese Sticks – a popular classic and let’s be honest melted cheese is *chef’s kiss*
  3. Next we have Garlic Sticks with Four Cheeses because sometimes one just isn’t enough
  4. And last but by no means least, Bacon Cheese Sticks for the meat lovers

If you enjoy our Scrolls, you’ll know who we are talking about…yes, we bring you;

Marmite and Cheese Sticks

Marmite & Cheese SticksMarmite, whilst causing a great divide in Britain since 1902, is still a firm household favourite. The dark, thick spread is concentrated yeast extract, which is a by-product from brewing beer, made in Burton-on-Trent – where it still resides today. They have developed a great distinctive taste that has people either loving it or hating it but at least they have tried it! Have you?

You can enjoy our classic pizza sticks topped with cheese and Marmite OR with vegan cheese and Marmite! You asked and we listened!

Will you love it or hate it…you’ll have to let us know with #MarmiteCheeseSticks on Twitter!

Summer just got better. Head over to the website and get ordering