Papa John’s Launches New Premium Hawaiian Pizza

The Hawaiian pizza sure is a family favourite and here at Papa John’s we felt that it was the perfect time to mix things up and bring something new to the menu.

So, after a £250,000 investment to find the very best ingredients, we’re pleased to announce that we have created and launched the new Premium Hawaiian pizza.

Launched on 1 st February 2016, we’re certain that the high-quality ingredients will give customers a true and authentic taste of island life.

Taste Pure, Premium Pizza

Papa John’s Premium Hawaiian pizza stays true to the world-famous recipe but adds a special twist to the classic flavour. After all, Papa John’s is all about using the best ingredients to make a better pizza, so the classic pizza favourite has been improved to reflect this.

The new pizza features fresh pineapple chunks and pulled ham hock on a bed of melted mozzarella.

Hawaiian Pizza 1

The juicy pieces of ham are cooked for over seven hours to make them as tender as possible, all while locking in that well-loved Papa John’s taste.

Investing In Flavour

We remain committed to the Papa John’s philosophy: ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.’  That’s why we invested £250,000 to find the highest-quality ingredients to include on the new Hawaiian pizza.

Delivering a Better Pizza

We’ve taken a step away from tinned pineapple to give you the real deal: succulent and juicy fresh pineapple. What’s more, the ham hock will offer a new taste sensation that you haven’t experienced before.

Fans of the Hawaiian are surely in for a treat, and even those who normally avoid pineapple on pizzas are bound to be converted once they taste the new recipe.

If Hawaiian just isn’t the flavour for you, worry not. Papa John’s sells 17 other delicious flavours of pizza with a choice of either a thin original crust or a cheesy stuffed crust.

Grab A Slice Of The Action

Hawaiian Pizza 2

Order your Premium Hawaiian pizza today and get a taste of island life!

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