Introducing Papa Jump

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Have you ever placed a food order and done this minutes after…

Waiting for Pizza

Kept clock watching to see if time has stood still

Time Watching for Pizza

Then, when that get’s boring you turn into guy…

Where's the pizza

Hanger and boredom can set in when waiting for food orders. This can create a negative feeling, and we have all been there one or twice. Okay maybe a few more times but it is always worth the wait.

So at Papa John’s, we’ve decided to mix it up and find a way to keep you distracted for such events in the form of a game. Once you start playing you won’t stop, trust us.

Introducing Papa Jump

Papa Jump

Papa Jump is a fun, easy, way to pass the time whilst waiting for your food to be delivered. Papa Jump is simple to play on desktop or mobile and is very, very, addictive. Honestly, we’ve spent way longer testing this than we should have!

All you have to do to play is simply order your favourite Papa John’s delights and hit the play button from the order tracker page! Just click the mouse or screen to jump on the stacking pizza boxes, coming in from the left and right. But don’t get hit by a box or you’ll have to start from the bottom. Trust us it hurts. Starting over when you have nearly hit your top score is hard but you’ll just have to keeping going back for more.

You can access Papa Jumps in your confirmation order page inside the order tracker. You can also find it in your confirmation order email too.

Papa Jumps will put you in a good flow state that you’ll forget that you place an order when the doorbell rings.

Tag us on your social media page using the hashtag #PapaJumps so we can see your top scores!