What Pizza Should I Order for Different Occasions?

Pizza must be one of the most versatile foods around. Easy to order, and with such a broad spectrum of topping options that even the fussiest eater can be satisfied, it delivers all kinds of tasty food solutions. In fact, it would be fair to say that there’s a pizza order for pretty much every occasion and here are our suggestions:

Date nights

2020 New ingredients-AMERICAN_HOTTEST.JPG

If you’re not the world’s most confident dater then the incentive of a pizza is a great way to get that guy or gal you’re into to say yes. Not sure how the date is going? Spice things with our American Hottest pizza and show them you can handle the heat!

Party nights

2020 New ingredients-GAREDN _PARTY.JPG

Pizzas are perfect for parties for many reasons: they’re good to share, they’re good to eat and they’re easy to order. . Our Garden Party is the perfect party pizza – there’s something for every one there. Let’s get the party started!

Late nights

PapaJMarch0522_Overhead_All The Meats (1) JP.jpg

Whether you’re a bit of a night owl, or just getting back from a night on the tiles, pizza provides great bellyfill. Quick to order, and easy to eat, the pizza is satisfying sustenance at any hour of the day or night. All The Meats is ideal for those who occupy the early hours – juicy, tasty and topped with literally, all the meats, what more could you want!

Chill nights

PapaJMarch0501_Overhead_Chicken Club (1) JP.jpg

Life is tiring – everyone’s working 9 to 5 (what a way to make a living) and sometimes you just want to have a night in with friends with no hassle – and definitely no washing up. Pizza is a win here too, especially our delicious Chicken Club. It’s the one meal that you can get away with not cooking when you invite friends over and you know that all of your pals’ tastbuds will be catered for.

Student nights

PapaJMarch0519_Overhead_The Works (1) JP.jpg

Pizza and students go together like tea and cake, gin and tonic, Ant and Dec – in fact, they’re so compatible that they come with a discount too. When you just don’t have the time to cook or you’re in need of a pre-exams refuel, the pizza has it all. Try The Works to get your academic juices flowing.

Tired nights

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You walk in the door and the first thing you see is the washing up piled in the sink. It’s every plate, knife and fork that you own. Maybe it’s yours, maybe it’s your housemate’s, maybe it’s your other half’s work. Either way, you can’t face it – not tonight, after the day that you’ve had. No cutlery? No problem. The pizza comes in its own box – which is effectively its own plate. Eat the pizza, bin the box, turn the lights out and go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

Team nights (and days)

PapaJMarch0548_Overhead_Cheese and Tomato (1) JP.jpg

Pizza is a great food to bond over. Everyone feels like they’re getting a treat and you can focus on the chat, rather than trying to deal with messy pasta or de-shelling prawns. Whether you’re catering for a team lunch in the office or after hours when everyone’s working late, pizza brings people together. Cheese & Tomato is a proven game changer for the no fuss team bonding feed.

So what is your pizza order going to be? Shop your favourite now