Papa Johns Pizza Reviews

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Read Papa John’s reviews from our customers and see what they think of our two latest pizzas: the BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza and the Premium Hawaiian Pizza. With reviews from industry experts and customers alike, why not try one of the pizzas yourself? You never know you might see you name below.

BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza Reviews

Zara | Mojo Blogs @Mojoblogs – May 18
zara on insta
We’re chowing down on the super tasty BBQ Beef Brisket pizza from @papajohnsuk I am loving the cola bbq sauce!

Oh my goooooooooodness. We got to try out a Papa John’s BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza, last week… It was amazing. We love pizza anyway, but this one had a twist on a traditional BBQ sauce, it was a cola one. Which works so well with the onions, and burnt ends. The burnt ends aren’t the same as normal beef, they have a slightly smokier and deeper flavour.

The kids loved it. They said the BBQ sauce was the best they’ve had in a long time.

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Hirrell @Hirrel – Jun 18

Omg. BBQ beef Brisket pizza from Papa Johns. Absolute crack.

Fuss Free Helen ‏@FussFreeHelen – Jun 21


We tried their BBQ Beef Brisket from our local store. On top of a standard pizza base are small pieces of burnt ends – slow cooked beef brisket from British and Irish beef – as well as crispy onions and back bacon, and the whole thing is topped with a drizzle of a sweet BBQ sauce made with Cola. It is most definitely not a pizza topping that could claim to be authentic in any way, but as Papa John’s is an American style pizza company anything goes.

It was actually really enjoyable; the savoury-ness umami of the beef working well with the sweetness of the sauce. The large 14″ thin crust pizza (£17.49) had a nice balance of toppings to the dough, which was nicely thin without any doughniess, and would have happily served 3, or 4 with plenty of salad on the side. Like when we tried the Papa John’s Hawaiian we appreciated the lack of salt, and again were not gasping for water an hour after eating, as is so often the case with delivery pizzas.

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Joseph Janerique @JosehpJanerique – May 31

@Chelsea_HQ @PapaJohnsUK I always get hungry when I see this ad for BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza. Talk about delicious food.

Pippa @RedRoseMummy – Jun 6


Papa John’s have designed their new pizza to be the perfect Summer pizza and to capture the BBQ taste without having to get those coals burning. The meat is slow smoked beef brisket burnt ends, from only British or Irish cows, and it’s marinaded in a blend of nine herbs and spices including oregano, garlic, paprika ginger and cumin, before being slow roasted for four hours! The beef was lovely and we hoovered up every last piece including those that had dropped off the pizza into the box! I’m not a huge fan of BBQ sauce on pizza but the cola sauce on this one had a real depth of flavour which I really enjoyed, it complemented the meat perfectly.

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Zara | Mojo Blogs @Mojoblogs – May 18


Omnomnom @PapaJohnsUK BBQ Beef Brisket pizza. Gorgeous. I love the cola bbq sauce!

Foodie UK @_foodie_uk – Jul 4

Foodie UK

Exhausted! Celebrating finishing my run of 12hr shifts by trying the new BBQ beef brisket pizza from @PapaJohnsUK

Cinabar @cinabar – May 23

Here in all it’s spirally magnificence is the pizza.  It has a sauce that looks like regular BBQ but is sweeter and has cola in it.  Im not sure whether this counts as a caffeinated pizza – but I’m sure when I have a whole one to myself we will find out.
The beef brisket itself is small and potent, but maybe a little less of the focus of the pizza than I was expecting.  With the double meat offerings you get a lot more topping by quantity, but on balance I felt it worked well.

The meat was quite dense and crispy even though it wasn’t that numerous.  The sauce really was the star though and if this was available in a squirt bottle like ketchup I think it’d find a fair few fans.

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Chelsea HQ @Chelsea_HQ – Jun 15

Cheers! @PapaJohnsUK’s BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza is just what I need whilst the footy is on ?

♫ Alison M ♪ ‏@ali991 – May 19

dragons and fairy dust

As always the pizza arrived in a large box with a lovely smell issuing from it. I opened the box to uncover Papa John’s BBQ Beef Brisket pizza.  The pizza is topped with chunks of brisket burnt ends chopped from slow smoked beef brisket mingled with crispy onions and bacon. To finish off the pizza is drizzled with a sweet Cola BBQ sauce.

The pizza also came with a small pot of garlic sauce to dip the slices into. The pizza did look a little odd with the dark pieces of beef on top. I am used to pizza looking a little bit more colourful. The flavours did work well together. What set the whole pizza off was the sweet cola BBQ sauce. It added a sweet flavour that perfectly complemented the beef. I am going to have to try and recreate the sauce myself, it would be lovely with pulled pork. The pizza did not last long, the family devoured it quickly. It was like having a barbecue in pizza form without the work of getting out the grill and cooking the meat.

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Gerald Segal @geraldsegal – Jul 6

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The new #BBQ #beef #pizza from @PapaJohnsUK is unbelievably good. ~yum #nomnom #foodie #lovemyfood

KGR ‏@KirstyRalph11 – Jun 17


The taste was amazing. The cola bbq sauce had a good balance of smokiness and sweetness and the beef brisket was tasty and not at all dried. I did however had to pick out the onions… (but I am fussy!) My husband certainly enjoyed the pizza and it was a very nice treat.

I really enjoyed the base, like I said it was a stonebaked crust which was easy to eat and didn’t make you full and bloated. It certainly makes a very good pizza with a totally summer bbq vibe that is perfect for a night in, especially with the horrible rain we have had this week.

I would completely recommend tasting this pizza!

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Tami Anderson ‏@RaspberryGiggle – Jun 2

Tami Anderson

The pizza immediately looked really appealing and mouthwatering and I was really pleased to see lashings of BBQ sauce across the top. My one complaint with BBQ pizzas is that there is never enough sauce for my liking, not with the Papa John’s BBQ Brisket pizza, there was plenty!

The new BBQ Brisket pizza is topped with chunks of brisket burnt ends from a slow-smoked beef brisket together with crispy onions and lots of delicious sweet Cola BBQ sauce.

The beef melts in your mouth and the BBQ sauce was so sweet and sticky it is making my mouth water just thinking about it again!

I would definitely consider ordering for collection from Papa John’s in the future. We really enjoyed the pizza and it was a nice change from our usual pizza takeaway.

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Premium Hawaiian Pizza Reviews

Ricci Guarnaccio ‏@RicciGuarnaccio – Feb 9

ricci guarnaccio

Loving @PapaJohnsUK new #PremiumHawaiian pizza – ham hock and fresh pineapple is a winner! Mmmmmmm Delicious! ?
Cant get enough ? @PapaJohnsUK #PremiumHawaiian Down to the last slice!

The Lipstick Daily @GeorgieLowen – Mar 19

@PapaJohnsUK Premium Hawaiian. So much love for pinapple on a Pizza ??

Craig Brown @CBrownPPC – Feb 3

craig brown

@PapaJohnsUK new premium Hawaiian went down a treat at lunch #hamhock #realpineapple #fresh

2ush @2ush – Feb 2

I eat @PapaJohnsUK premium Hawaiian pizza yesterday and OH MY! it was yummy soft fluffy tasty and scrumptious. It was absolutely a delight!

Herts Essex Observer @HertsEssexObser – Feb 5

herts essex observer

As an alternative to a take-out from Domino’s, the Premium Hawaiian is everything you could want it to be and, yes, possibly, a little bit more.

Its toppings are slightly lost in the cheese and tomato, though, where as its vegetarian counterpart, for instance, brings more flavours to the fore.

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Gareth Williams @GarethWHeating – Feb 5

@PapaJohnsUK Loving the Premium Hawaiian/Works Combo. Had to leave 2 slices – I’m done ??

thefoodpeople @thefoodpeople – Feb 5

the food people

Premiumisation continues as @PapaJohns launches new Premium Hawaiian #pizza #foodwatching

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Jase Windu @JasonSilva91 – Feb 24

Just got papa johns, couldn’t say no to a premium Hawaiian. Still on the no added sugar hype. Pizza has no sugar.

Toby Lock @Citizen_Toby – Feb 3

toby lock

Boasting ham hock and fresh pineapple, a classic pizza is given an injection of life that even the most dubious of the ‘anti-pineapple on a pizza’ brigade to question what else they had been wrong about for all these years.

Not only does it belong on a pizza, Papa John it has even managed to convert those staunchly against fruit on a pizza. The ham was pretty good too!

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Jodie Rogers @Jodie_Rogers1 – Feb 27

Thank you @PapaJohnsUK for making the best pizzas EVER!!! They’re soooooooo good! Especially the premium Hawaiian on thick crust! #delish

Taylor Bradwell @taylorbradwell_ – Jun 30

Papa John’s need to stop texting me because it’s 1am and all I can think about is premium Hawaiian (stuffed crust) with special garlic dip ?

Zara | Mojo Blogs @Mojoblogs – Feb 8


The pineapple chunks taste fresher, they aren’t overly sweet and have a bit of crunch to them. It was really a very refreshing change and made the pizza feel super light, which is almost impossible with a pizza. The ham… oh the ham. The pulled ham hock is cooked for a whopping 7 hours, it’s juicy, salty, sweet and if you like any kind of ‘pulled’ meat this is certainly one for you.

You can really SEE the difference in the pizza, the pulled ham hock and fresh pineapples are chunky and it gives a completely different texture to the standard ham and pinapple. The fresh pineapple pretty much bursts in your mouth. The cheese is actually the supporting flavour in the whole thing, most of the time I want to taste the cheese but I was VERY happy to have it as a background flavour.

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Liza @Liza 71996690 – Mar 6

@PapaJohnsUK o m g i had premium hawaiian and it was so good. Well done 10/10

LondonONtheinside @LondONtheinside – Feb 10

ALOHA pizza veterans, Papa Johns are bringing rays of island sun to our dark cold winter nights with their new Hawaiian pizza. Love it or hate it, the Hawaiian pizza is an absolute classic and Papa Johns have decided to inject some life into the pizza with pulled ham hock and fresh chunks of pineapple, giving your takeaway a breath of fresh sea air. And better ingredients means better pizza? Of course it does. Even those who think pineapple on a pizza is a no go will still wanna a slice’a this action, because Papa John’s ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza’ philosophy which involved spending a WHOOPING £250,000 spend on premium ingredients research means the pizza’s coming outta their kitchens are better than ever before.

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StephaniePlait @LittleMissSPT – Feb6

@PapaJohnsUK your tried your Greek and premium Hawaiian followed by your yummy,cheesy jalapeno sides & hot choc giant cookie #Ate TooMuch ?