A pizza for every occasion

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Do you have plans and want pizza but don’t know what to go for? Well, wonder no more. We’ve listed out a selection of different pizzas for different occasions to help you out.

Celebrating an anniversary?

You want something you can always rely on, always good to taste and will always be faithful. The Double Pepperoni is the one for you.

Having a family picnic in the park?

Turn that picnic into a party with our Garden Party. Full of colour, flavour and delicious vegetables. Got a vegan in the family? No problem, you can get a Vegan Garden Party too.

Looking to spice things up on date night?

Get hot and spicy with The Mexican. Adding a Mexican flare to your date is surely going to get your hearts racing.

Friends coming over to watch the big game?

You’ll need something that everyone will enjoy. Go with The Works. It is literally in the name, mixture of tasty ingredients to please all your pals.

Gaming with your friends?

Take them by surprise and mix it up with our BBQ Chicken Classic. They won’t see you coming.

Having a girls movie night?

You know you’re going to watch Mumma Mia so you may as well stay on theme and get yourselves The Greek pizza.

Feeling unwell but need something delicious to eat?

Take it easy and go for the fan favourite, a classic Cheese and Tomato. That will keep you going.

Having a few drinks before heading on a night out?

Make sure you line the stomach with All the Meats!

Having a BBQ at the weekend but not everyone wants the standard BBQ food?

Mix it up with a BBQ Meat Feast. BBQ Base and a mixture of meats to get everyone involved.

Going on holiday tomorrow and want to get in the mood?

The obvious choice here is the Hawaiian. A taste of paradise before paradise.

Are we missing an occasion? Let us know on Twitter by using #PJOccasions and we’ll let you know the different pizzas for different occasions.