Support local food banks with your next pizza order

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During the COVID-19 crisis it is especially important we don’t forget those in our communities who rely on food banks. More and more people are being forced to food banks because there’s nowhere else for them to turn. And now, as the Coronavirus pandemic develops, more people than ever need help to feed their families.

This has put additional pressure on the food bank network and that’s why Papa John’s have partnered with Trussell Trust. We will be donating money from the meal deals that you purchase, directly to the trust as well as inviting our customers to help us raise money by donating to the trust at the checkout page.

In these unprecedented times, the demands and needs for these food banks are bigger than ever. We are thrilled that we are able to help those most in need at this time.

Trussell Trust is an incredible charity which operates a network of more than 1200 food bank centres up and down the UK which are predominantly run by volunteers. The main aim is to bring communities together to provide food and advice to those in crisis and campaign to end the need for emergency food in the UK, working towards a future where everyone can afford life’s essentials. The Trussell Trust works closely with food banks to support them in any way they need so that those most vulnerable to the impacts of poverty and isolation can survive these months of crisis.

But their resources are finite and extra support is needed during this time. This is where you can help.

Simply by ordering the Feed the Fam or Go Solo bundle, you can help another family in need and support a charity delivering vital services so nobody has to go without. If you would like to help further, you can make a donation, of which 100% will be passed to the Trussell Trust, at the checkout.