The making of Summer 21

The summer of ‘21 is where it is at! Getting together to celebrate all the missed events over the last year like big birthdays, weddings, christenings (for all the COVID babies 😉), as well as just good times with friends and family.

However, the question on everyone’s mind when attending a summer party is…

What food are we having?

It is the MOST important question and can make or break a summer party.

There’s BBQs with all the trimmings, picnic-style food, picky bits (the staple for hosts in hot weather), the bouchée brunch and of course, the pizza parties!

Now, not to blow our own trumpet but have you been to a Papa John’s Pizza Party yet?

We have huge XXL pizzas, sides, desserts and cold drinks. There is something for everyone to enjoy – including the fussy ones and the vegans!

So what could go wrong? Yes we heard you trying order something for everyone!

The drawn out decision on what pizza to get for your aunt because she’s a picky eater who won’t eat mushrooms but you love them, your brother who thinks he won’t handle the heat. And don’t even get us started on your dad with pineapple on pizza. Y,es. It belongs!

The solution to keep everyone happy? Half and half pizzas! We have some favourites picked out just for you:

For the chicken lovers:

BBQ Chicken and Chicken Club

For the chicken lovers


The ones who like to be controversial:

The Works and Hawaiian

Controversial ones


For the veggies:

Garden Party and the classic Cheese and Tomato (some people don’t even like toppings)

The classics


For the ones that like to turn the heat up:

The Mexican and American Hot

Spice it up


So next time you having a summer party, or any party in fact, make it a Papa John’s Pizza Party and get everyone talking about how AMAZING it was. Plus, it saves on the washing up, just something you might want to consider 😉.

How will you celebrate the summer of 21?