Tipping Revolution with Papa John’s

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Always wanted to tip your delivery driver for a great service and delicious pizza but didn’t know how? Well we have now partnered with TiPJAR. You can reward those staff members who go the extra mile to make your pizza extra special.

TiPJAR exists to help tipped workers earn more and ensure 100% of tips go directly to the them. It’s a win win really.

So for those times when you don’t have any cash in the house, digital tipping can become your new best friend. Digital tipping isn’t just the future, it’s the present. It is quick, direct and 100% transparent.

How does it work we hear you ask?

By using QR Codes, digital links and an in-app integration, customers can leave a tip via the Papa John’s order tracker, email confirmations, in-store posters and even stickers on pizza boxes.

Cash transactions are reducing and as a brand we wanted to address the issue of tipping in the fairest way possible. As we grow to support our valued teams, it’s also a great way for our customers to show their gratitude. It means they know tips are going straight to those who’ve just hand-made, baked and delivered their favourite Papa John’s pizza. You can be sure that our team members appreciate

So order your favourite pizza delights, scrumptious sides and tasty desserts and let our team take care of the rest of it. Sit back, relax and wait for the doorbell to go. You won’t be disappointed.  For the latest offers, visit our website and enjoy.