Top Alternative Pizzas For You To Try

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We all love a tasty pizza right? But our opinions and preferences are divided when it comes to what ingredients make the perfect pizza.

For example, one man’s all the meats, is another man’s cheese and tomato or vegetarian.

You might stick to the pizza you love, or perhaps you’ve tried them all, but what’s great is that with so many ingredients available, we have the luxury of choice.

Beyond the more traditional pizzas though, have you ever or would you ever try any of these crazy alternatives?

Fruit Dessert Pizza

Okay so it might not have come straight out of the oven and been placed in a box ready to be delivered to your home, but the fruit pizza is definitely classed as ‘alternative’.

Substituting fresh pizza dough for cookie dough, this pizza features cream cheese as a base, with a selection of fruit added on top, from banana, blueberries, pineapple and strawberries.

We’re familiar with pineapple and this ingredient features on our popular Papa John’s Hawaiian Special, but the other fruit takes it to a whole new level.

Maybe this one’s best to enjoy as a dessert after your freshly baked pizza so you get the best of both worlds.

Sweet-Covered Pizza

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Another inclusion for the sweet over savoury fans out there is the sweet-covered pizza.

This pizza usually starts with a brownie or cookie dough base, similar to the fruit alternative above, followed by a handful of sweets and biscuits to finish it off.

It sounds like another one that’s better as a dessert rather than your main meal, but it’s certainly an interesting concoction nonetheless.

So what do you think? Is this pizza one you’d try, or would you rather stick to the warmer, savoury and succulent toppings?

Cauliflower Crust

Moving away from sweet, this savoury cauliflower option sounds extremely odd, although it’s one that vegetarians will no doubt be keen on.

In this instance, the traditional dough pizza base is replaced with grated cauliflower and includes vegetables and/or meats on top.

The base cuts and folds just like a normal pizza, but it might take a few goes to get the consistency right so that it doesn’t break or crumble.

It now seems like we’ve created the perfect combination in our list: you can have a cauliflower-crust pizza for starters, a traditional Papa John’s pizza for a main, and a sweet pizza for dessert.

A cauliflower pizza base: what are your thoughts?

Chocolate Base and Toppings

pile of milk chocolate blocks

We’ve had fruit and sweets, so next up it’s time for the chocolate base and toppings pizza.

Once again substituting dough, this pizza uses chocolate for pretty much everything, including the base and toppings.

The toppings can include any form of chocolate and if you’re a chocaholic there are going to be a lot of varieties added on top of the base.

This one may be a little rich or heavy to eat, so, just like some of the others in our list, you might be wise to save it for a treat once you’ve had your main.

Broccoli Base

Last to make an appearance on our list is the broccoli-base pizza. Standing proud alongside the cauliflower crust, this is another option that will go down well with vegetarians.

The base is made from broccoli (of course) and mixed in with eggs, salt, pepper, olive oil, onion and garlic, before being blended in the food processor.

Once that’s done, it’s spread out on greaseproof paper ready for the other toppings to be added.

So broccoli on pizza: how does that sound?

Prefer the More Traditional Option?

So, there we go: a collection of some of the most interesting and alternative pizzas that you could try.

If you prefer the more traditional pizza, then don’t forget to check out your nearest Papa John’s takeaway restaurant and place your order on our site whenever hunger strikes.

With all that talk about sweet pizzas too, remember to check out our fine selection of delicious Papa John’s desserts to make your meal complete.

Thanks for reading. How many of the above options in our list were you willing to try?