What Toppings Make the Perfect Trick or Treat Pizza?

It’s that time of the year when everything is given a spooky twist. Houses are adorned with skeletons and pumpkins, everyone’s dressed as something ghastly and ghoulish, while the the list of Halloween-influenced drink options is endless — why should pizza toppings be any different?

You might be wondering how exactly you could create a spooky pizza though, short of covering it in cobwebs (not recommended). Fortunately, the Papa John’s team have you covered. The answer? A Trick or Treat pizza!

What is a Trick or Treat Pizza?

Some pizza toppings are fairly universal in their appeal. Most people wouldn’t turn their nose up at cheese, pepperoni or chicken for example.

Then again, certain toppings are very much loved or hated. The sort of pizzas that will be devoured in three minutes or left alone entirely. These toppings are at the heart of the Trick or Treat pizza because, well, they are either a delicious treat or nasty trick, depending on personal preference.

Here are 5 toppings you can incorporate with our Create Your Own option that will delight some of your guests and give others a Halloween fright!

Black olives

Olive pizza toppings from Papa John's

Olives make a great addition to your pizza toppings!

There are probably as many people who love olives as hate them, potentially making or ruining an otherwise average pizza.

The benefit for people that don’t love an olive or seven is that they can be picked out relatively easily, but doubling up on your black olives will make for much more of a Halloween trick or treat.


pineapple Pizza Topping

Pineapple as a pizza topping? Is it your idea of food heaven or hell?

Pineapple is one of the most controversial pizza toppings — although here at Papa John’s we’re certainly #ProPineapple.

For some this sharp flavour has no place on a pizza. For others it’s the first topping they’ll look for.


Although undoubtedly a popular dish in the UK, tuna is not yet considered a staple topping for a pizza.

Like with pineapple, for some the combination of pizza dough and fish is simply a no go. You know what that means — get it on your Trick or Treat pizza!

Chilli powder & Green chilli peppers

green chillies pizza toppings

Spice things up this halloween with chillies!

A Trick or Treat pizza is all about standout flavours, and nothing on our toppings menu stands out more than chilli powder and green chilli peppers.

Including either of these toppings would make a pizza a real Halloween trick for someone that can’t handle their spice, but using both? Well, that would certainly create the ultimate Trick or Treat pizza.

Looking for a more traditional pizza?

If the idea of only catering to half of your pizza party guests doesn’t appeal (somewhat understandable) then check out our range of more traditional pizza options — or create your own with the toppings you really want.

We guarantee that you’ll enjoy every slice as much as the last!

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