We’re Launching a BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza in Time for Summer 2018

A meaty, juicy BBQ cheeseburger or a hot and fresh, perfectly topped pizza?

If you’ve ever found yourself facing this food dilemma then you’re not alone. We’ve been there; we feel your pain. And that’s why we have developed the ideal solution — the BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza. We’re launching it just in time for Summer 2018 and food fans are going to love it.

What makes this pizza so special?

Well, let’s start by talking about the 100% fresh dough – never frozen – which meets Papa John’s signature BBQ sauce. That’s right! A generous dollop is added to the base.

Then comes the best bit. The point at which burger-meets-pizza in a mind-blowingly awesome fusion of spicy beef (a double helping), pickles, sliced tomatoes, and onions. If that hasn’t already gotten your taste buds tingling to try a slice of the Papa John’s BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza then can we just mention the cheese? Whether you’re a cheeseburger lover or a pizza aficionado, you’ll appreciate the fact that we don’t skimp on the good stuff.

A gherkin like no other


Of course, no BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza would be complete without pickles. But these are not just any pickles. As with all the ingredients we use for our pizzas, the gherkins for the Papa John’s BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza have been specially sourced.

After trying all the options for sliced pickles on the market, we still weren’t satisfied that any of them were good enough for this utterly sumptuous slice — so we took matters into our own hands. After sampling gherkins at specialist eateries, we found the perfect one for this pizza – aromatic spices are combined with a sweet pickle liquor over cucumber slices for the ultimate cheeseburger treat.

What are you waiting for?

The official launch date for the Papa John’s BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza is 9th April 2018 so if you’re already craving this awesomely appetizing combination of taste sensations then the wait is over. Whether you’re a pizza freak or a cutting-edge tastemaker in the food blogosphere, the Papa John’s BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza is one foodie event you’re not going to want to miss.

Best of all, keen pizza connoisseurs can enjoy this tantalizing new creation for just £8.99 in a medium size!

So, get online and find the nearest Papa John’s BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza to you and tuck in.