What is the most popular pizza at Papa Johns?

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Ever gone to place an order and wondered what is the most popular pizza at Papa Johns?

Of course you have, especially if it is your first order. Maybe you’re even looking at placing your next order, or looking to give a recommendation but not sure how to decide, so let us help you.

Whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan, we have an array of pizzas for you. However, having one favourite would be liking choosing a favourite child, impossible right?

Let us break it down by category for you, in the hope this helps a little! So what is the most popular pizza at Papa Johns…

First up, we have the Meat Favorite’s

  • The Works – topped with all the meat and vegetables, this one is a fan favourite for all to enjoy.
  • The Mexican – spice things up with this one and bring a little heat to the party.
  • Double Pepperoni – a classic, a family stable in any pizza order.
  • BBQ Chicken Classic – adding that extra level of flavour with the BBQ drizzle, sometimes you just can’t resist.
  • Chicken Club – love being a part of a club? This one is for you.

Then we have the Vegetarian Favorite’s

  • Garden Party – topped with all the veggies you could wish for, plus it has ‘party’ in the name, how could you go wrong?

Lastly, we move to the Vegan Favorite’s

Did you favourite make the cut? Tell us yours with #PJFavourites on social media! You never know, we might even share it 😉