What Type Of Pizza Am I?

What does your pizza topping choice say about your personality? You might know what kind of employee you are, what kind of lover you are – even which character from Game of Thrones you’re most like (just not Lord Baelish please…). However, if you don’t yet know what your favourite pizza says about you then you might as well be going through life blindfolded. From indulgent cheese lovers, to fun veggie feasters, focused meat purists to those who keep it simple with just one topping, you can use the revelations behind your pizza choices to ensure you never make another bad decision again (maybe).

Why your food choices matter

It was mega brain Freud who first mooted the idea that what you choose to have on your plate provides a window into the workings of your brain. He said that personalities dictate what people look for in food, from spice loving risk takers, to protein addicted sociable types. And then there’s the way that we consume pizza – in groups, in couples or absolutely alone because pizza is not something we share (ahem). All this can tell us a lot about who we are – and who we might be living with/dating/friends with.

What Freud said…

Freud’s theories on food preferences and personality types provide the following insights into what your pizza topping says about you:

Cheese, Tomato, Pepperoni, Mushroom and Olive Pizza Toppings by Papa John's

Cheese, Tomato, Pepperoni, Mushroom and Olive Pizza Toppings | Papa John’s

  • Pepperoni – extroverted and in need of action, may get easily bored.
  • Chicken – driven, focused, assertive and competitive.
  • Eggs – loving and trustworthy.
  • Olives – tends to avoid the spotlight, supportive and romantic.
  • Goats cheese – empathetic and easy to get on with. Relaxed and sensitive.
  • Aubergine – gullible, charming and quite self-absorbed.
  • Seafood – intelligent, principled and highly critical.
  • Béchamel sauce, not tomato – cynical and cautious.
  • Meat feast – a follower not a leader, a bit of a homebody.

Of course, Freud’s isn’t the only view, every man and women on the street has an opinion on what your pizza topping choice says about you:



Anchovies: “Anchovies on pizza? Selfish, selfish, selfish.”

A Premium Hawaiian Thick Crust Pizza by Papa John's

A Premium Hawaiian Thick Crust Pizza | Papa John’s

Pineapple: “If you’re bold enough to put fruit on your pizza then you probably wear double denim. And not because it’s cool again.”

A Thick Crust Garden Party Vegetarian Pizza by Papa John's

A Thick Crust Garden Party Vegetarian Pizza | Papa John’s

All veggies: “Come on, you really wanted a salad.”

A Pizza-Based Marriage Proposal

A Pizza-Based Marriage Proposal!

Extra cheese: “Marry this person right now.”

If you’re keen to know whether you’re a charming extrovert or principled and gullible then it’s about time you took the quiz. Find out today what your pizza choices say about you and it could change your life – or at the very least you’ll know exactly what to have for dinner.


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