Why Your Picnic Should be More Pizza

Of all the great British summertime traditions, the picnic is perhaps the biggest let down. All that effort poured into preparing and slicing, cutting and packing – only to have everything ruined by a freak rainstorm, a swarm of bees or Clingfilm sweat. Then there’s the fact that most of the food in a classic picnic basket is actually impossible to eat in a picnic setting i.e. on a paper plate on the floor while balancing a glass/child/umbrella/selfie stick in the other hand. If you need any more convincing then here are some very good reasons why you should trade in your picnic hamper for a pizza box this Summer.

Pizza travels well


In fact pizza is designed to travel. A pizza tastes just as good when you open the box after carrying it across the park to your picnic spot as it would if you opened it and scoffed it straight away. If there was any food that might have been purpose built for picnics it’s takeaway pizza. If you’re not convinced you can test this theory any time – order the pizza; eat a slice. Close the box and walk for five minutes; eat another slice. See? Still delicious.

The effort is minimal

Eat the pizzas, close the boxes, take them to the bin. That’s it, you’re done. Order pizza for your picnic and you won’t spend half the afternoon chasing crisp packets and brown paper from your hipster sarnies as they blow around the park in the wind. You wont have to carry mayonnaise encrusted paper plates for miles because suddenly there isn’t a bin in sight. And you don’t need to deal with the aftermath of that person who always brings something really smelly to eat and then leaves the empty packet to get hot in the sun.

And there’s no washing up either


After a fun summer picnic the last thing anyone wants to do is spend their evening scraping tuna mayo out of warm Tupperware and picking dirty forks out of the picnic rug. A pizza picnic does away with this unpleasant evening task because all you need to serve a slice is a serviette or two – or just use the pizza box as a plate. Leaving you free to enjoy the short spell of British sunshine before it inevitably rains/settle in and watch Netflix/head for the pub/fall asleep and dream about your next pizza picnic.

You won’t end up hating your friends and family

If you’ve ever tried to put together a picnic you’ll know that this will make you realise just how annoying people can be about food. Suddenly nobody likes the same sandwich fillings, no one will drink the same liquids and don’t even think about serving one kind of cake. From the lost time in the supermarket, to pulling your hair out over the menu planning, the picnic can be a fast track to bad vibes. Opt for pizza instead and you don’t have to bear this burden. There’s a pizza to suit everyone (you can even order just order a half and half), and if all your picnic people are involved in the ordering then no one can complain at the results.

You can have your picnic anywhere

Pizza slices are so easy to eat, and require so few (if any) accessories that you can literally eat them anywhere. On the seafront, in the car, on top of a hill, by a lake, at the back of the bus or in the single square foot of space left in the park on a hot summer’s day, with a pizza picnic there’s no fuss, no drama, just great food and summer fun.

It’s a picnic upgrade!

Does anyone really like melted sandwiches, hot crisps and wilted salads? No! Like people who can’t queue and a weak cup of tea, the disappointing picnic is too often tolerated in silence. It’s time to stop pretending people and start living the life you should have with the pizza picnic you deserve.

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