10 Ways You’ll Waste Yet Another Bank Holiday Weekend

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Is it just us or do you always end up feeling like you’ve let the side down when it comes to a bank holiday? All those good intentions – travel, yoga, socialising, romance – go out the window in favour of…well, less productive pursuits (#Procrastination).

1. The Box Set Binge

An uninterrupted series binge from start to finish. We’ve all been there with this one – just one more episode and then we’ll get up and go for a run/build a BBQ/have a conversation with a real human. And then…well that episode just rolls on into another episode doesn’t it – without even asking. It’s not your fault, there’s nothing you can do, just order a pizza and go with it. (Hint if you’re looking for a deal on your next order, we dare you to read to the end!)

2. The Instagram black hole

There’s no time like bank holidays for getting sucked into Instagram. You may have jumped online with your morning tea to just see what people are up to but your friend’s photos lead you to an ex, the ex’s photos to a video of a cat on a skateboard, the cat to a video of Russians doing parkour, the Russians to cake decoration, the cake to a celeb on a paddleboard and so on and so on. Three hours later you’re still in your jammies – but at least you know a lot about skateboarding cats and your ex’s new car.

3. Making plans

You’re hyped about this whole long weekend without work – so much to do, see, eat and enjoy! So, you sit down and start making plans. But you can’t decide which plans work best, so you Whatsapp everyone for input. And then everyone has to check their schedules. And there’s always a fussy eater. Or not enough room in the car. And then someone falls asleep. And then it’s Tuesday and it’s time to go back to work.

4. Panicking because you don’t have any plans

Don’t underestimate how long you can spend doing this. Of course it would make more sense to stop panicking and just do something – anything – to bring it to an end. But that won’t occur to you at the time.

5. Dinner parties

Ok, so getting a dinner party together isn’t exactly procrastinating but the question here is whether it’s a waste of a valuable bank holiday. Jamie Oliver can pull off a casual pulled pork for 20 around his fire pit without breaking a sweat but for most of us mere mortals it’s just more hard work – not what the bank holiday is about. Hands up who’s wasted many a long weekend sweating in the kitchen for five hours and then spending the whole evening angry at everyone else having fun (we have) whilst you tackle the dishwasher. Sit back, grab a drink, be social and order in.

6. Napping

That old classic “I’ll just shut my eyes for 30 minutes/have a powernap/a disco snooze” may well result in the passing of all daylight hours. But don’t the experts always tell us we don’t get enough sleep…


7. Good intentioned social media

You may manage not to fall down the Instagram black hole but instead you choose to reach out via social media and refresh those old friendships. Long weekends are the ideal time to catch up with old friends right? Wrong. You will most likely spend three whole days digitally stalking or stuck in Facebook chats that remind you why you dropped that friend in the first place.

8. Shopping online

Thanks to smart phones, tablets and laptops you don’t have to move far away from your pillow and your brew to buy stuff these days. However, the internet does present the problem of making sure you get the best deal and the cheapest price – especially during bank holidays when the sales are on. Cue whole weekends spent frantically flicking from website to website to make sure that the tent you’re considering for The Secret Garden Party isn’t 50p cheaper somewhere else.

9. Not doing laundry

Not Doing Laundry is as much an activity as Doing Laundry, did you know? It’s that thing where you decide “I’ll do all my laundry” and then spend hours – if not days – doing everything but. Bested only by cleaning the bathroom, doing the washing is dull, dull, dull. So much so that this weekend people all over the world will spend the entire time Not Doing Laundry instead.

10. Searching for discount codes for your favourite Papa John’s pizza

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Whether you achieve inner peace, 10 hours sleep a night, 12.6 miles or just more procrastination; make sure you have a great time doing it – and a pizza to celebrate your achievements at the end of it, of course.

#SlippersOnSlicesOut sounds like the right kind of Bank Holiday plan to us!

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