The Different Types Of Pizza Crusts

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What types of crusts are available at Papa Johns

Everyone loves pizza, right? With practically endless combinations of crusts and toppings available, you have the makings of your own cheesy (or cheese-free) masterpiece! First, we must start with the base, the canvas if you will, the perfect platform for your toppings to take pride and place.

The base and the crust are perhaps the unsung heroes of pizza. They carry your delicious selection of toppings, but also make them easy to eat on the go. And in their final act of awesomeness, the crusts are perfect for dipping in garlicky, sweet or spicy sauces too. *chef’s kiss*

With all these choices to make, just what are the differences between these doughy base options? Time to understand the types of crust at Papa Johns.

Stuffed Crust

Stuffed Crust pizzas are an all-time favourite! Our 100% fresh dough (obviously!) is hand-rolled around delicious, gooey, stringy mozzarella to give an extra cheese hit after each slice and perfect for dipping! Want all the cheese? This really is the crust for you.

stuffed crust

Wondering if we have stuffed crust for our vegan pizzas? The answer is simple, yes, yes we do! We make sure we cater for all pizza requirements.

vegan stuffed crust

Authentic Thin Crust

The classic Authentic Thin Crust is a great choice if you love your pizzas to be lighter and just a little bit crispy. But don’t be fooled into thinking you’d be missing out on flavour compared to thicker crusts! The thinner crust is also packed with flavour and thanks to the more rigid base, great food for when you’re on the go!

Original Crust

The all-rounder that is always a crowd pleaser. Original Crust pizzas are the perfect mix of soft, light dough, not too thick, not too thin, but always made with 100% fresh dough, every time – just as they should be.

Butternut Squash Base

And now for something completely different! Our Butternut Squash Base is made without wheat and packed full of Butternut Squash. This veggie upgrade is a lighter option we think you’ll go butter-nuts for! It’s only available on selected medium pizzas for those looking for an alternative to our traditional dough bases.

Butternut Base

If you’re hungry now you know the different types of crust available, check out our latest offers and indulge yourself in one of our delicious pizzas!