6 Spicy Pizza Toppings You Should Try

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Arguments over spice on pizza can get pretty heated. However, whether you’re a chilli addict, or you’re just looking for a change of taste, if you haven’t sampled the combination of fresh dough, mouthwatering cheese and a kick of spice at some point then you’re not really living. In fact, if your life has so far been empty of spicy pizza toppings we’d suggest that you order one immediately – right now. Whether you’ve got a mouth like asbestos or you start sweating at the slightest hint of heat, there are always options to make your pizza that much more interesting.

1. BBQ

BBQ topping

Like spicy pizza toppings? Then try a BBQ Pizza by Papa John’s

BBQ sauce adds a super gentle lift to your pizza – a piquancy, as opposed to any tongue lashing hotness. Definitely the best option for those with an aversion to serious heat who still fancy a little spice.

2. Pepperoni

Pepperoni Deep Crust Pizza by Papa John's

Pepperoni Deep Crust Pizza by Papa John’s

Perhaps the gentlest of meat options for adding a slice of spice to your pizza, the pepperoni is a sausage with a kick. Moist and juicy, it adds a richness to a pizza topping, as well as the requisite dose of spicy zing.

3. Spicy beef

It’s a toss up between pepperoni and spicy beef in terms of the levels of heat they deliver but you’ll definitely get a kick from beefing up your slice with this spicy addition.

4. Chilli powder

The addition of chilli powder gives a pizza a deeper level of spice that you might not get with just a spicy topping. Chilli powder gets deep into a pizza’s sauce and dough; meaning that extra bit of heat you get is spread evenly across every bite.

5. Spicy green chilies

Spicy Green Chilli Toppings

Spicy Green Chillies

If you want to go up to the next level of spicy pizza toppings, but you’re not keen to hit the heights of the jalapeno just yet, then adding a sprinkling of spicy green chillies makes a satisfying choice. Green chillies are a lovely mix of fresh, crispy texture and a sweet heat that offers a hint of real heat without being too hot to handle!

6. Jalapenos

Now we’re approaching serious heat levels when it comes to pizza toppings – if you like to feel a tingle on your tongue then you’re going to be looking at jalapenos. If you’re serious about your spice and you want something a little more fiery than the average topping then you might even want to combine with spicy green chillies for next-level heat!

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