7 Impressive Facts About Bees

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Don’t let their little stingers scare you off. Bees are really cool creatures (and no, a bee didn’t write this). On the 17th of August it’s National Honey Bee Day (yes, bees are that amazing they have a whole day dedicated to them).

On this day every year, honey bee enthusiasts from across the world celebrate honey bees and acknowledge their contribution to our everyday lives. We’re here to tell you why we think bees are great. I mean, we do have a whole delicious pizza dedicated to them. So, what is all the buzz about?

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1) They Can Tell Us Apart

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Not to get all science-y on you but for a long time, really smart people thought that only large-brained mammals could tell human faces apart. Recent studies show bees can tell us apart! So it might be a good idea to be nice to them. Btw, they do all of this with a sesame sized brain.


2) Flap Their Wings At 1100 Strokes A Minute

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Yes, it’s a lot! Because it’s so many strokes a minute it causes a vibration which our human ears pick up as buzzing.


3) They Can Fly Which is a Big Deal

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Sticking with their powerful wings, bees being able to fly goes against all known laws of aviation! Let me say that again, it goes against all laws of aviation. If you ever doubted the A-Class status of bees, this surely has to change your mind.


4) They Dance to Talk To Each Other

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Yes, you read that correctly. Bees literally dance to talk to each other & let their bee buddies know where the best honey is at so everyone can eat good.


5) They’ve Been Producing Honey for Years

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Bees have been making honey for, wait for it – 150 million years. One. Hundred. And. Fifty. Million. Years. To put that to perspective, the first sign of human’s was around 315 thousand years ago.


6) They’re the Only Insect to Produce Something Humans Eat

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Honey bees are insects but not like the others, they’re like the Beyoncé of the insect world. Why? Because they’re the only ones to produce something that we can eat.


7) They’re Responsible for One-Third of The Food We Consume

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No biggie, you know. Just a small one-third – of all the food we consume – no big deal. Safe to say they’re important, really important and deserve all the love and respect in the world.

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