The Cheesiest Pizza Proposals

With Valentine’s day finally here, we have taken a look back at some of the best Pizza proposals shared online. Take a look below and let us know if you have topped it this year!

1.Top it off with a special message

When looking through some of the best Pizza proposals, there was a common theme with many of them using the toppings to express their love. This image uses Pepperoni to communicate, but what topping would you use?

2.Say it with a ring


This couple certainly know what is important! Using Pizza to create an edible ring, the fiancé-to-be surely couldn’t say no to this!

3. Classic is always best


It’s long been a tradition to ask for the ring to be placed into food, this gentleman took things a step further by placing the entire box in the centre of the Pizza. Definitely no chance the recipient of this ring could miss the romantic proposal.

4. Spell your heart out


This couple got saucy with their proposal! Using a sauce to spell your heart out could definitely be the romantic proposal your other half was looking for. What’s not to love, Pizza and a gorgeous ring!

5. Get creative with the pizza box


If you don’t want to mess with the Pizza, how about asking for a special message to be written on the inside of your Pizza box? This would definitely add to the element of surprise! Could you imagine opening a delicious Pepperoni Pizza and seeing such a life changing message?

6. Forget a bunch Roses, how about a bunch of pizzas


If one Pizza’s not enough to make a statement, how about using a whole bunch! If your fiancé-to-be loves Pizza as much as us, they will certainly be happy to see you standing amongst a heart of pizzas asking for their hand in marriage!

7. Just a slice away from “happy ever after”


Forget the ring, this has got to be the perfect proposal for any Pizza lover. The gentleman in the picture certainly knows the way to his lady’s heart!

Celebrate with Papa John’s

What would you say if your partner proposed using pizza? I know it would be a definite YES from us!

With the perfect combination of pizza and romance, you never know, it could be the perfect time to pop the question. If this post has got you in the romantic mood why not check our offers to celebrate.

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