Does Papa John’s do wings?

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A popular question we see on social media and the internet is – ‘Does Papa John’s do wings?’

The simple answer is well, yes. Have you seen our menu lately?

We don’t just have one choice of wings we have THREE! (and something more!)

Whether you’re after Plain Roasted chicken wings, sweet & sticky BBQ chicken wings, or you want to turn the heat up with our Hot Buffalo Wings, we have something for everyone. We also launch new limited edition wings – throwing it back to Jerk BBQ wings and Sage & Onion chicken wings. Keep up to date on our menu for the latest massive flavours.


However, if wings are not your thing, we have plenty of other delicious sides to accompany your pizza night delights.

Cheese lover? Let us introduce you to our hot gooey sides that contain cheese and lots of it!

First up, we have our classic Potato Tots, 5 ways! WE KNOW!

You can either go for the fan-favourite just on their own with your choice of dip, or mix it up with the following:

Potato Tots with Four Cheeses

Potato Tots with cheese and BACON – (because bacon makes everything even better).

Vegan Cheese Potato Tots – that’s right, we don’t leave vegans out here.

Finally, spicing things up, Vegan Cheese Potato Tots with Jalapenos.

Now let’s talk cheese and garlic. If you are not a garlic fan, maybe skip this bit because we have four different varieties of our delicious Garlic Sticks.

You can get them as they come in all their garlicy goodness orrrrr we have:

Garlic Cheese Sticks

Garlic Sticks with Four Cheese – just in case one cheese is not enough.

Bacon Cheese Garlic Sticks – we’ve said before, bacon makes everything better

Garlic Sticks with Bacon

The final cheesey sides on our menu are truly yummy, but perhaps not for everyone.

Bringing the heat is our Cheesy Jalapeno Bites.

And it’s an either love it or hate it situation with our Marmite® and Cheese Scrolls, also available with Vegan Cheese.

If cheese still isn’t your thing, we have sides for you too.

For the meat lovers – Chicken Poppers and Hot Piri Piri Chicken Poppers.

For the vegans – Not Chicken Vegan Bites and Cauliflower wings are available.

What side are you having with your pizza tonight? See all our latest offers and products on our website

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