The Funniest Pet Pizza Videos Online

The amazing thing about pets is their individual characteristics, traits and ability to make us smile, laugh or cry with tears of joy!

Pet owners and animal lovers alike will know these feelings all too well, but even those who aren’t too familiar with the animal world are bound to be convinced by these hilarious videos.

Here at Papa John’s, we’ve rounded up a collection of some of the funniest pet pizza videos online, so sit back, watch, laugh and enjoy these great and amusing clips.


Dogs vs Talking Pizza

We all like surprises, right? But these two dogs, Maymo and Penny, are met with a very strange concept indeed: a talking pizza! Yes, a talking pizza… bear with us!

Arriving to find a pizza box on a chair, one of the dogs looks incredibly confused. Upon further inspection, the pizza box opens to reveal a talking pizza face (obviously, the owner is hiding).

As the two dogs start growling, they build up the courage to take a closer look at what’s going on, before one of them bites the pizza and runs away.

Bless them, they must have wondered what was going on. Take a look at their reactions for yourself via the following clip:

Beagle Dog’s Pizza Cravings!

Cold pizza the next day when you just can’t manage those last few slices the night before is always a tasty treat to wake up to.

However, for this owner, that day never arrives because their Beagle keeps getting hold of the remaining slices.

Not only that, he even manages to get his paws on the pizza by opening the fridge door! It’s quite an art, and one that you’ll need to see to believe.

It’s clear that this dog has carried out the routine a few times before, which ultimately forced his owners to film the fridge to find out who exactly was stealing their pizza.

Here’s the star of the show in action.

Cute Cats Stealing Pizza Compilation

From the last two clips, it may seem that dogs are the only ones who like to snack on pizza.

However, don’t be fooled: cats are just as guilty as man’s best friend when it comes to stealing from their owners.

To highlight this, here’s a collection of cats swiping, biting and nibbling on pizza that’s not actually theirs for the taking.

In this excellent series of short clips, one owner can even be heard saying to her pet cat, “Piglet, put that pepper down”.

Piglet is a great name for a cat, and this just goes to show that even cats can’t resist the amazing temptation and good smell of glorious pizza.

Small Dog, Big Slice

Next up is this five-second clip that’s gained over 28,000 views online of a dog sitting still holding a pizza slice in its mouth.

It looks as though he’s not entirely sure what to do with the food before his very eyes, but with the “nom nom” sound effects in the background, you just can’t help but chuckle.

Just look at him; he’s sooo cute!

This Kitty Does NOT Want to Share!

You know the feeling: a friend, family member or colleague asks for a slice and you just don’t want to share. Well, in this video, the star kitty of the screen is no exception.

Clutching at the one slice with both paws and his mouth firmly gripping it too, this little cat won’t let go and give up his treat for anyone – not even his owners.

With all that hissing, it makes you wonder when the cat actually managed to find time to enjoy the unexpected meal that had found its way into his precious paws.

Here he is:

Grab a Slice for Yourself

What a collection of funny pet pizza videos you’ve witnessed. Feel free to share this collection with your friends and family and bring a smile to their faces.

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