How To Be So Lazy It’s Inspiring

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Being Lazy is seen as this bad thing that’s, allegedly, ‘unproductive’ and ‘destructive…’ Truth is though…laziness is a modern art, a skill, a power. It takes true expertise and finesse to master the art of being lazy. We urge you to not underestimate the ingenuity of lazy people.


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Start the Day Pure Lazy


It’s the morning. You’ve just woken up. This is when your brain is begging you to chill and be lazy (it’s the morning after all) why not give your brain what it wants? Pure, blissful, laziness. Getting ready for the start your lazy day requires a special kind of practicality. Instead of brushing your teeth then hopping into the shower, like a true lazy person, take your toothbrush into the shower with you, killing two birds with one lazy stone.


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It’s breakfast time! but, oh no, you see you have run out of milk for your tea or bread for your toast. No worries! Instead of going to the corner shop down the road. In true lazy fashion, get on a food delivery app, place an order for milk or bread and wait the 20-30 minutes it takes for your items to be delivered instead of the 10 minutes it would take to walk there. Oh yes. Go full lazy.


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Midday Laziness


There’s one thing that hits everyone in the world around midday at the same time and that one thing is hunger. The midday hunger is real and hits hard. Cooking is one thing you’ll have to do. But don’t fret, there is a lazy version of cooking which requires minimal effort. Instead of getting up yourself to check what’s in the fridge, ring someone you know to come over, check your fridge and text you what’s inside.


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Once everything’s organised, set up a Facetime session with your stove/oven and watch from the comfort of your bed or couch, instead of getting up to check every couple of minutes. When everything is cooked, instead of placing your food on a plate, like the amazing lazy person you are, wrap your plates in cling film then put your food on the plate. That way you don’t have to wash anything after you’re done. Lazy or smart? Smart.


End the Day Lazy


You must start the day how you ended it: beautifully lazy. Now, unlike lunch, you’ll order food to your very door. Fulfill your lazy day by ordering food from Papa John’s, there is a range of offers available and pizza’s to choose from, like the new Bee Sting Pizza! We’ve got your lazy day covered. The Papa John’s app is easy, simple and quick. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. With just a few taps tasty pizza is delivered straight to your door, fulfilling your lazy prophecy.



The end of the day also requires the intense labour of switching off all the lights in the house. In true lazy fashion, you will use your powers of influence guilt your roommate or partner to come switch off all the lights for you when they walk past. Being lazy never felt so good.


At Papa John’s we support laziness, it’s an art to be proud of. Let us know some of your most lazy moments on twitter @PapaJohnsUK.