Your Pizza Can Help Save The Children

About Save The Children

Save The Children was founded 1919, to help children in Europe who were starving in the chaos that followed the end of the First World War. They have been helping children affected by wars, disasters, hunger and poverty ever since.

The work they do has continued to grow and today Save the Children works in more than 120 countries around the world, saving children’s lives, fighting for their rights and helping them to fulfil their potential.Sawda, 13, one of the Somali children who are enrolled in Save the Childrenâs Alternative Basic Education programme (ABE) for Somali refugees in Heleweyn camp, Dollo Ado; which will ensure that children who have been unable to access education are able to catch up via a consolidated curriculum. This new Education in Emergencies project will ensure that over 5,400 children between the ages of 11 and 14 have access to quality basic education. For many this will be the very first time that they have been given the opportunity to learn in a safe, protective and nurturing space. Funded by a grant from the European Unionâs Nobel Peace prize money, the project will enable these children to begin their recovery from the effects of conflict and support them in building their resilience to cope with their lives ahead.

What They Do

Save the Children works to ensure every child has the chance to survive, to learn, and to be protected. They inspire breakthroughs that lead to immediate and lasting change in children’s lives. Save The Children ensure they achieve the best results and use their resources efficiently. Working with partners to strengthen their global position and make the greatest difference achievable for children throughout the world, whatever it takes.

Last year they directly helped more than 17 million children. Through health and nutrition programmes they were able to save 9.6 million children’s lives and 3 million children were saved from diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia. As well as saving lives,they help children reach their full potential; saving 836,000 from poverty, educating 5.9 million children and helping 35,000 children stay safe from harm and abuse.

How Papa John’s Makes a Difference

We jumped at the opportunity to get involved with this fantastic cause and make a difference to people’s lives across the world.

Papa John’s managed to raise a staggering £203,642 for ITVs annual Text Santa fundraising campaign in 2015, championing Save The Children as one of our three charities to raise money for. This was done through fun and wacky fundraising ideas such as a nationwide pizza party, auctions, competitions at Head Office between the staff to see who could raise the most money, challenging the Directors and even appearing live on TV.


Throughout the Christmas period in 2015 we also joined up with Pennies, the digital charity box, to allow our customers to help support the fundraising efforts further. Using Pennies, customers were able to round up their pizza order to the nearest £1 at the checkout. The extra money donated went to Text Santa’s three charities, including Save The Children. Find out more about Pennies, the digital charity box, here:

Paul Grundy, Fundraiser at Save The Children, comments on our work together: “Our partnership with Papa John’s currently makes a fantastic contribution to all areas of our work. It allows us to save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfil their potential.”

All of the team at Papa John’s are proud to have made such a difference and are continuously look for new ways to raise even more money for this fantastic cause.

How You Can Help

Following the success of the previous Pennies campaign, we are collaborating with them again! All you need to do is select round up at the checkout and we will automatically round your bill up to the nearest £1, with the extra pennies going into the digital charity box and supporting Save The Children’s important work.

In the video below, you can learn more about the incredible work that Save The Children carry out and what the money’s used for, as well as how they give hope to millions of children.