Imagine a day without our fathers.

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This Father’s Day weekend (17th to 20th June) we’re backing Prostate Cancer UK in a bid to save men’s lives and celebrate dads everywhere. Donate now

For the first time, you will see a change to our iconic logo as we remove ‘Papa’ from the emblem on the website and our social media profiles to honour all dads and men lost too soon to prostate cancer.

We’re supporting the charity by reminding people that on a day when we celebrate all dads, we must help keep them alive too. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, and with one man dying every 45 minutes from prostate cancer in the UK, and we want to help ensure we spread this vital message as men could be at risk.

To help Prostate Cancer UK’s mission to save more dads by funding research into the disease, you can dough-nate through our fundraising page.

At Papa John’s, this is what we have to  say about it: “As Father’s Day approaches we’ve teamed up with Prostate Cancer UK to highlight all of the men and dads we lose to prostate cancer, every day. You’ll notice we’ve removed the ‘Papa’ from our logo, it’s no mistake. We want to spread the word and encourage our customers to donate. Please help us keep more papas around for many more Father’s Days.

Nicola Tallett, Director of Fundraising and Supporter Engagement, at Prostate Cancer UK: “Life just isn’t the same without fathers, dads and papas. By removing ‘Papa’ from their logo, Papa John’s is asking people to imagine what life would be without fathers; Imagine a day without the selfless, funny, brilliant things they do that make them great – the care, the jokes, the dancing, the things we miss when they’re lost too soon. Together we can fight for all dads and all men lost too soon to prostate cancer.”

The link up forms part of a feast of Father’s Day activities highlighting the role of dads and what we miss when they are gone. For a further slice of the action look out for this humorous and emotional Dad Dancing video.

Help save more dads this Father’s Day by visiting

Men, we are with you.